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What we offer

Image Management

Uview Lite gives you full control of where your images
are being used, and keeps a record of who and why.
Managing intellectual property becomes easy when using our platform to manage your image IP via the intellectual property management system (IPMS).



Brand Management

Feel confident knowing that your brand is being used correctly by your organisation and external suppliers. Uview Lites Visual Identity brand management system
will give you comfort knowing that your brand is in a space where you are in control.

Why Uview?

Uview Lite is the complete package when it comes to managing your organisations digital assets and brand. Uview Lite is managed by your administration team, so you can control your assets that are ordered by your
staff and external suppliers and designers. Unlike online dropboxes Uview Lite provides a history of what images are used and when.

It’s your content… so you should be in control.

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