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Uview Lite

Image management


Uview’s online ordering system is simple and intuitive, a few clicks and you’re done. A record is kept of all orders so you can see who’s ordered what and when. If an image had been ordered in the past an ‘Order history’ will be displayed, letting users know if the image was used in a recent publication or web page.
Intellectual property, extra copyright information or licensing may need updating, so at any point you can edit information about the image at a click of a button.

All orders are passed through to your administration team for approval, this way your organisation or brand manager can manage what images are used when and where so you have full control of your collateral.

Green tick

Any IP (Intellectual Property) consent forms you may have with your images can be uploaded and tagged and given an expiry date if required. Administrators are notified when consents are due to expire, and if not updated, all images that are tagged to the consent form become unavailable for ordering.